3 September 2020


Tim Quilty urges public to keep pressure on Government over emergency power extension

After their attempt to prevent the extension of the State of Emergency fell short by one vote in the early hours of yesterday morning, Liberal Democrats MPs Tim Quilty and David Limbrick are urging the public to keep up the pressure on the Government. 

Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty said there is now a rising tide of Victorians who are paying a lot of attention to government over-reach.

“This was a hollow victory for the Government. Good luck to them if they expect that the people they have kept under house arrest will stand for it much longer. Every fine handed out by police is effectively a ‘How not to Vote’ Card,” Mr Quilty said.

“Victorians have never valued their freedom more than now that they have lost it. This Government has always had authoritarian tendencies – now everybody knows it, and they will not be able to get away with it any more.”

Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Mr Limbrick said it was heartening to see that Victorians are willing to stand up and fight for their freedom.

“It’s naturally disappointing that the state of emergency will continue, but public pressure made a difference. Thousands of people made phone calls and sent emails which almost certainly changed the minds of some crossbenchers and helped carry a few concessions.

“The Premier told me that all liberties will be restored to Victorians when all of this is over. We need everyone to keep paying attention and make sure this happens.”

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