25 August 2020


Tim Quilty urges crossbenchers, Opposition not to compromise on emergency powers

Liberal Democrats MPs Tim Quilty and David Limbrick believe they may have the numbers to stop the extension of Victoria’s State of Emergency but are urging crossbenchers and the opposition not to make any compromises.

Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty said the state of emergency should not be allowed to go on one day longer.

“I understand that some crossbenchers and the opposition are talking about negotiating a shorter extension,” Mr Quilty said.

“That gets a big no from us.  They need to know that the people of Victoria are watching, and they are not going to stand for any grubby deals.

“The Government has treated the people of Victoria that we represent with contempt throughout this, along with the crossbench and the democratic process. It is time for democracy to bite back and simply reject this legislation.” 

Member for South Eastern Metropolitan, Mr Limbrick said it looks increasingly like the crossbench holds the whip hand after an overwhelming response from the general public who have deluged electorate offices with messages opposing the continuation of the state of emergency.

“We have learnt so far that the Government don’t understand how much harm they are causing and cannot be trusted to comply with the principle of least restrictive response,” Mr Limbrick said.

“As we discovered with the mandatory use of masks, the government’s first instinct always seems to be to fine people. They cannot be trusted with emergency powers so we have to end it.”

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