31 August 2020


Tim Quilty, Member for Northern Victoria, says the Rutherglen community should be given the opportunity to consider the option of a bypass.


Tim Quilty says Rutherglen community must be given the option to consider a bypass

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has called on the Victorian Government to present a more complete range of options for dealing with Rutherglen’s truck problem.

Mr Quilty said a Regional Roads Victoria online survey is asking the Rutherglen community which of three options residents would prefer.

But a fourth option of a bypass should be included to provide a fuller picture, Mr Quilty said.

“This truck problem has plagued the Rutherglen community for far too long and I believe it is time to look at all options again,” Mr Quilty said.

“The survey presents three choices: continue using a modified Main Street; divert up Douglas, Reid and Scott Streets; or divert along Up River and Gooramadda Roads.

“All three of these options have serious flaws, but if there was a simple solution, it would already have been done.

“Maybe there needs to be the fourth option of a proper bypass also presented, which would give the community the chance to explore every possible solution.”

Mr Quilty said that while a bypass would be a significant investment, he would like to see the benefits and costs explored.

“All three options on the survey have problems, so I would like to see what a bypass brings to the table,” Mr Quilty said.

“Cost will be a huge barrier, but maybe instead of spending smaller amounts of ‘go-away money’ on band-aid solutions every few years, a government with vision could embrace a proper bypass and solve the problem once and for all.

“And maybe the community would be willing to wait a little longer if they knew the real solution was coming.

“When the community has all the information, they will be able to make a fully informed decision.”

Mr Quilty said he would like to see RRV provide rough estimates of what a bypass would cost, and how it would address the truck problem.

“I have mentioned the option of a bypass in online meetings with RRV, and I will follow that up with a letter to Roads Minister Ben Carroll,” Mr Quilty said.

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