15 July 2021

Tim Quilty says lockdown is overreaction, creating damage and fear across Victoria

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has expressed frustration at the announcement of another statewide lockdown.

Mr Quilty commented as Premier Daniel Andrews announced a five-day snap lockdown of the whole state.

“I’m just tired of it,” Mr Quilty said. “We’re all tired of it.”

“When it comes to regional Victoria, I think we should wait and see if individual communities get any cases, and then deal with them locally if they arise, rather than get into a panic, lock down every single town, and cause yet more widespread damage.

“Businesses and communities across the state will be tearing their hair out over this latest disruption.”

Mr Quilty made his comments following a period where COVID cases in Victoria and NSW appeared to be on an upward trend.

“We’ve seen this sort of thing too many times before: we get a handful of cases and the Victorian Government overreacts, putting families, students and businesses across the state into lockdown,” Mr Quilty said.

“The fallout will be huge, and there is no way anybody can account for the damage to mental health created by these lockdowns.

“Regional Victoria doesn’t need this. Not again.”