19 July 2021

Tim Quilty says extended lockdown without end date will ‘break those already struggling’

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty says the extension of Victoria’s lockdown with no end date announced will ‘break those already struggling’.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the recording of 12 new cases meant he will not be removing the lockdown on Tuesday night.

Mr Quilty pointed out the absence of an end date will add stress to Victorians already struggling.

“I know for a fact people are struggling under lockdown – my office has received several phone calls from people doing it tough – and this open-ended lockdown will only add to their problems,” Mr Quilty said.

“Where earlier today we could still have hope that we were getting out of this on Tuesday night, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, now we know the light is in fact a train thundering towards us with Dan Andrews in the cab.

“I wish the Premier could listen to the voices of those who are finding it difficult to carry on – this open-ended lockdown will break those already struggling.”

Mr Quilty called on the Premier to be more considered in his approach, and only lock down areas where there are actual cases.

“We are all locked down in Victoria, while over the border, regional NSW has only locked down specific, relevant areas,” Mr Quilty said.

“Mr Andrews is desperate to show his tough lockdown approach is needed, but there is really no evidence to support that in regional Victoria.

“The treatment of smashing the whole state repeatedly with a sledgehammer may stop the COVID spread, but they’re going to kill the patient in the process.”