22 June 2020


Tim Quilty says constituents can't follow coronavirus rules if the rules are unclear

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has demanded the Health Minister be more clear on coronavirus messaging.

Mr Quilty told the Health Minister in Parliament that he has received many messages from constituents who are frustrated by a lack of clarity from the Andrews Government.

He highlighted the additional confusion arising from living on the border with NSW.

“The concern my constituents expressed most frequently was that they aren’t sure what’s going on,” Mr Quilty said in Parliament.

“Many have used stronger language to express this point.

“They feel communication has been muddy and confusing. They don’t know what’s allowed and what isn’t, and they don’t know what the government is thinking and planning.

“Being on the border with different rules across the river only makes the confusion worse.”

Mr Quilty then shared some questions from constituents.

“They’ve asked me to ask some reasonable and straightforward questions. Like: How long does the government think this will last? How long till we can get back to normal? What’s the risk of a second outbreak? What is the government’s strategy?” Mr Quilty said.

Being unsure of what the rules are means that following them is extremely difficult, he added.

“All these questions deserve an answer but my question for the Minister is: How can Northern Victorians be expected to comply with restrictions when they are unsure what they are?”

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