24 July 2020


Tim Quilty says border closure is making it clear: city politicians are happy to hurt us

The sacrifice of the border region on the altar of metropolitan votes is proof the regions need to form their own state, says Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty.

As the destruction from border restrictions takes a daily toll, it is increasingly clear that residents on both sides of the river are expendable, Mr Quilty added.

“This is a burning example of how little we all matter to the city-based governments, and I urge all voters to remember how we have been abandoned when it comes to voting time,” Mr Quilty said.

“Melbourne and Sydney have all but spelled it out to us: we don’t matter to them.

“The border restrictions are destroying communities and yet the NSW Government is unrelenting and unapologetic in its drive to win votes from Sydney residents.

“Premier Berejiklian is doing all she can to be seen to protect them, and to hell with residents in southern NSW who depend on the border community for their health, their livelihood or their vital services.”

Mr Quilty said his idea of Rexit – a Regional Exit; the creation of a new state from Southern NSW and Northern Vic - is gaining increased attention during the border closure.

“I have had many people tell me what a good idea it is, to be able to live under a government which understands regional Australia,” Mr Quilty said.

“So many people have already realised that city governments don’t care about their needs, and this COVID theatre is only making it clearer.

“City-based politicians have incentives to screw the regions, and this is resulting in the destruction of smaller towns and the ongoing migration to the cities – making a bad situation worse.

“Our voices are becoming smaller, with 75 per cent of voters living in Greater Melbourne.

“The only way for regional residents to be heard once more is to have a redrawing of the map of Australia, with new states where the government is by the regions, for the regions.

“Let big city governments do what they need to for their own people, and give regional state governments the opportunity to focus on what is important to the regions.

“If this were the case now, we would not be seeing the destruction of border communities, we would not see the strangling of rural economies, and we would not witness the suffering of everyday Australians who are just trying to get by.”

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