24 August 2021

Tim Quilty puts forward a proposal to ease Victoria back into normal life

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has supported the Liberal Democrats plan to get Victoria out of the never-ending destructive cycle of lockdowns.

A longtime advocate of fewer restrictions and of a more nuanced, less blunt-force method of tackling local outbreaks as and when they occur, Mr Quilty has called for the phasing out of lockdowns, the opening of schools and a day where normal life is resumed.

“The costs of lockdown are unbearable, both financially and emotionally,” Mr Quilty said.

“Communities across Victoria have had more than they can stand of complete restriction of movement, of financial ruin, of lost schooling, social isolation and this feeling that we are trapped in a state of suspended animation.

“The Victorian Government seems obsessed with getting case numbers down to zero, but we know this is an unachievable target – the only person who thinks it is achievable is Daniel Andrews – he has become Captain Ahab, endlessly pursuing his white whale, totally indifferent to the price we are all paying.”

Mr Quilty put forward ideas which would put Victoria back on the path towards normality.

“We need to phase out these lockdowns as more people choose to - and have the opportunity to - become vaccinated. Vaccination needs to remain on a voluntary basis, supported by the wide availability of appointments. All the talk of targets and vaccine passports must end immediately.

“We have to eliminate the compulsory mask directives, and allow businesses to establish their own rules within their premises. Outdoor mask wearing should be up to the individual.

“We need to reopen our schools and liberate our children from the pain and social isolation of remote learning.

“And we must allow dissenting voices to make their views known at peaceful protests, with police helping organisers to create a safe environment instead of the current police attempts to provoke pitched battles on our streets.”

Mr Quilty said the end goal is December 4, Freedom Day.

“I have spoken in Parliament about Freedom Day, a day where we are all able to end the emergency and return to our ordinary lives,” Mr Quilty said.

“Emergency powers must disappear – this Government has shown us how dangerous it is to wield unchecked and absolute power, and Victorians have in some cases paid with their lives under these lockdowns.

“Setting the date of December 4 will give people an opportunity to get a vaccination if they wish, before we open up fully and return to the lives we all used to enjoy.”

Mr Quilty said his proposals reflect a policy statement released by the Liberal Democrats.

“I am a member of the only political party which is putting the freedom of Victorians front and centre during this crisis,” Mr Quilty added.