24 June 2021

Tim Quilty proposes increasing Hume Highway speed limit to 120kmh, reducing fatigue danger

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has asked Parliament to consider increasing the Hume Highway speed limit to 120kmh.

Increasing the speed limit would improve safety by reducing travel times and the risk of fatigue, Mr Quilty told Parliament.

Mr Quilty proposed the increase in an amendment to the Victorian Government’s Transport Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2021.

“The Hume was designed to be suitable for much faster limits than this,” Mr Quilty told the Legislative Council during debate on the bill.

“The entire purpose of a freeway is to facilitate high-speed travel and it appears this government has forgotten that.

“Higher speeds on the Hume will shorten travel times between Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. Shorter travel times reduce fatigue and traffic load which both reduce the risk of accident and offset the additional risk of high-speed travel.”

Mr Quilty said that not only are modern vehicles safer, but the design of roads has become safer as well.

“Victoria’s vehicle fleet is improving, despite government taxes that slow this down,” Mr Quilty said.

“The Hume separates traffic travelling in opposite directions and has wire rope barriers installed along most of the length of the road.”

Mr Quilty said he has had enough of government policies which equate lower speed with improved safety.

“I’m tired of a road strategy that sees our time as worthless and thinks slower travel is an improvement,” Mr Quilty told Parliament.

“Safety and speed are both important and our road policy must reflect that. 120 on the Hume is safe – it’s a step in the right direction.”