31 July 2020


Tim Quilty makes additional preparations for the next session of Parliament

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty is making preparations to return to Parliament in Melbourne.

As well as the usual work of writing speeches and researching questions for Victorian Government Ministers, Mr Quilty is adding a few new items to his checklist.

Face masks and hand sanitiser.

With Parliament returning while Melbourne is locked down and the focus of the nation falling on the hundreds of cases reported daily, Mr Quilty is taking no chances.

“I am determined to sit in Parliament and ensure the democratic process continues, even through the challenges presented by COVID-19,” Mr Quilty said.

“It’s vitally important that the Andrews Government is held to account for the decisions it implements at all times, but particularly as it fumbles its way through this coronavirus crisis.

“However, I am fully aware of the health requirements and of what measures I need to take to minimise risk.

“There have been so many stories in the media of Melbourne residents visiting or travelling through Wodonga and I am determined to do the right thing by my family, my work colleagues and my community.”

Victorian Parliament is taking steps to minimise risk within the building, including physical distancing and the use of face masks except when speaking.

Mr Quilty backs those measures, despite the inconvenience they might cause.

“To be honest I’d rather not sit with a mask over my face, as I’m sure many people wouldn’t, but I accept that they are required and that there is evidence to support their ability to inhibit infection,” Mr Quilty said.

“When I am in Melbourne, inside or outside Parliament, I’ll be social distancing and squirting hand sanitiser with the best of them.

“I will be sitting in the Chamber with a mask on or in my office alone. When I am not in Parliament, I will be self-isolating in my apartment.

“After the session is finished I will self-isolate again, working from home until I am tested and cleared.

“I will not be one of the people whom border communities aim their frustration at, because I know how strong the feeling is against State Governments in Melbourne and Sydney right now.

“There is, justifiably, fury and frustration at the ongoing shabby treatment of thousands of border residents who just want to get on with daily life.

“We have no coronavirus cases here, and I won’t be the one that brings it back from Melbourne.”

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