25 August 2020


Tim Quilty overwhelmed by support against emergency powers extension

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty says Victoria is saying no to Daniel Andrews’ grab for extended emergency powers.

After the Premier announced his bid to give himself emergency powers for 12 months and Mr Quilty vowed to fight the proposal, the Legislative Council Member has been overwhelmed with support.

“My phone has been beeping non-stop as emails come flooding in, while my team has been receiving dozens of phone calls an hour, all of which say the same thing: the extension of emergency powers must be stopped,” Mr Quilty said.

“We have had some controversial issues in the last few years but I have never seen such a surge of public feeling as we have been experiencing in the last 24 hours, which tells us all we need to know about Mr Andrews’ plans.

“It’s an attack on democracy, it’s an attack on Victorians and it will mean further erosion of our freedoms, some which will never come back.”

Mr Quilty acknowledged the importance of fighting COVID-19, but said trying to rule by decree is not the way to do it.

“Mr Andrews has from the word go treated Victorians like children, telling us what to do, locking us up and punishing us when anyone does what he says is the wrong thing,” Mr Quilty said.

“It would be far more effective if the Premier made an effort to treat Victorians like adults. Encourage us to use masks and social distancing. Use positive reinforcement.”

Mr Quilty said that over the last six months the Victorian Government has demonstrated they can’t be trusted with these extraordinary powers.

“In a democracy, a leader should seek approval for such power, which is what Parliament is for,” Mr Quilty said.

“But the Government has closed down the Parliament and ruled by decree since April. And they have mishandled everything they have done.

“And now they want another year of the same, with no scrutiny and no accountability.

“I am utterly opposed to this proposal to extend the emergency powers and, it would appear, so are many thousands of Victorians.”

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