24 June 2021

Tim Quilty labels Nationals water motion ‘a stunt to woo voters’

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has called a National Party attempt to amend water buyback legislation “a stunt”.

Mr Quilty said Senator Bridget McKenzie’s attempt to reduce the amount of water required to be returned to the environment under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan was merely an attempt to woo voters, and not intended to succeed.

“While it looks like the Nationals are attempting to act on behalf of irrigators and basin communities, this move by Senator McKenzie was just theatrics and was doomed to fail,” Mr Quilty said.

“If the Nationals really wanted to effect change they could easily do so because they are part of the Federal Government.

“They could push back against the Liberals and really make a difference for regional communities who have been suffering under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.”

Mr Quilty accused the Nationals of not wanting to risk their comfortable positions.

“If they were serious about speaking out for regional Australians, and in Ms McKenzie’s case the regional Victorians she represents, the Nationals could stand up against the Libs and potentially bring down the Government,” Mr Quilty said.

“But they like their highly paid ministry jobs far too much to rock the boat.”