26 February 2020


Tim Quilty labels duck hunt season 'pathetic' after Government allows just five weeks

Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, has opened fire on the Andrews Government’s announcement of a five-week duck hunting season, labelling it “a pathetic attempt” to buy off protesters while throwing scraps to hunters.

Mr Quilty had earlier this month pushed Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes for an announcement, stating that time was running out for hunters to organise trips and that there had been a good season for breeding.

“I’m continually amazed by the Premier, Daniel Andrews, and his gang’s ability to make a complete mess of the duck hunting season – this is a pathetic attempt to pander to environmentalists while keeping hunters quiet, and it is an absolute disaster,” Mr Quilty said.

“Labor’s War on the Regions continues, and this time it’s hunters who are firmly in Mr Andrews’ sights.

“This five-week season with a daily bag limit of three is little better than a complete ban - it offers no incentive for hunters to organise a trip to enjoy their sport.

“Where once there was an 80-day season with a daily limit of 10, which makes for plentiful opportunities for a decent hunting trip, we have a mere nod towards hunters with so many restrictions it makes planning a trip almost pointless.

“This means the $106 million regional industry is going to suffer a huge blow, completely eliminating opportunities for cash injections into local economies and effectively banning the sport.”

Mr Quilty said the Government was using the excuse of dry conditions lowering duck numbers, which is in direct contradiction to a survey carried out just three months ago.

“This Andrews Government is making up stories so that it can please the anti-hunting lobby while at the same time giving the impression that it’s enabling duck hunting,” Mr Quilty said.

“The Aerial Survey of Wetland Birds which takes in the entire eastern part of Australia has found that, while we are enduring an exceptionally dry phase, bird numbers are up 8 per cent on 2018. And it has only been wetter since.

“This academic report says, and I quote: ‘breeding species’ richness and breeding abundance increased compared to the previous year’.

“The Victorian Game Management Authority has also pointed out that the summer bushfires had no real impact on duck numbers.

“It’s the same story time and again: regional Victoria gets a raw deal while Labor pleases its metro fan base. Anybody north of Craigieburn may as well forget about ever getting anything out of this ridiculous mob.”

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