21 July 2020


Tim Quilty 'in utter disbelief' after tighter border restrictions come into force

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty is ‘in utter disbelief’ after the increase in border restrictions.

Mr Quilty said the tighter definition of a border community to within two kilometres of the Murray River will do nothing to prevent the spread of coronavirus but will increase the damage done to already struggling towns and villages.

“Just as we were getting to grips with the damage the previous border restrictions were doing, we are now suffering even greater controls on our daily lives,” Mr Quilty said.

“What we are seeing are even more decisions made by city bureaucrats and politicians who don’t understand how regional and border communities operate.

“Under today’s new restrictions, village residents in Tallangatta have now been cut off from accessing vital services in Albury, because they have been excluded from this silly border bubble thing.

“This is a typical city decision – there’s absolutely no comprehension of how border communities function – they don’t understand and they don’t care.

“The fact that permits will only be made available from 4pm today for restrictions that come into force eight hours later clearly demonstrates the NSW Government’s contempt for border communities.”

Mr Quilty said he is growing increasingly frustrated at the treatment of regional Victorians.

“I am in utter disbelief at this nonsense, it’s policy created by ignorant and arrogant city box-tickers,” Mr Quilty said.

“They are not interested in health or welfare or local economies, all they want to do is buy votes in the city – and the regions are just collateral damage.

“This stupidity will clearly not work, anybody who lives on the border can see this, and we will shortly see more decisions made on the run.”

Mr Quilty said the closures should be focused around metropolitan Melbourne.

“The problem has always had a city focus, which makes sense as that’s where there is a greater concentration of people who live cheek by jowl,” Mr Quilty said.

“It’s not Melburnians’ fault, it’s the Victorian Government’s fault for making such a mess of this situation.

“If we have to have closures, they should be restricted to Melbourne - regional Victoria should not be suffering at the hands of NSW Government decisions.”

Mr Quilty said he would like to see the separation of the regions from Melbourne made permanent.

“A ‘Regional Exit’ is clearly the way forward,” Mr Quilty said.

“Northern Victoria and Southern NSW would benefit in so many ways from being separated entirely from Melbourne and Sydney and united in a new state of Murray.

“Rexit makes sense for regional residents who are made to suffer every day under decisions made where there is no insight into life outside cities.”  

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