1 February 2021


Tim Quilty happy with border reopening, but lack of information proves we don’t matter

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty says he is “absolutely delighted” to see Victorian border checkpoints gone, but has criticised the complete lack of information from the Victorian Government about it.

Police stopped checking vehicles entering the state on Friday evening and checkpoint infrastructure was dismantled over the weekend, but Mr Quilty said the lack of information about the change was “in typical Andrews style”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to see the back of these checkpoints, which have created endless disruption for border communities all along the Murray,” Mr Quilty said.

“But I find it insulting that the Andrews Government didn’t bother making any official announcements and left us all in the dark.

“Rumours were flying left and right in the run-up to Friday night and not even a phone call to a ministerial adviser gave us any insights as to what was happening. 

“It really does prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that regional Victorians don’t matter enough to our Premier – this was a rare opportunity for the premier to gain some positive publicity along the border, but Daniel Andrews couldn’t even be bothered.”

Mr Quilty said border communities had suffered during the closure without a crumb of sympathy from the Government.

“Our entire month of border closure has been all COVID theatre, the Premier was happy to make a big song and dance about protecting after his city voter base and not caring about the collateral damage in regional Victoria,” Mr Quilty said.

“He even made a point of telling us all about how he was not hesitating to do what he felt he needed to be done.

“So I would’ve thought he’d be keen to score a little good publicity by announcing the border was opening, that he appreciated the hardships we had endured.

“But he quite simply couldn’t be bothered.

“I posted on social media at the weekend an invitation for Daniel Andrews to come and enjoy some donuts with me to celebrate the prospect of the border reopening. Perhaps I’ll deliver some to his office when I’m in Parliament this week with a note: ‘Thanks for nothing’.”

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