7 January 2020


Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty put his firefighting experience to use over the New Year period.


Tim Quilty puts firefighting experience to use defending parents' farm

Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, has spent the Christmas and New Year break fighting bushfires which have been threatening his parents’ farm.

Mr Quilty grew up on the farm and fighting fires gave him an understanding of fire behaviour, fuel loads and weather conditions.

“The fires which are burning across large parts of Australia have threatened my parents’ farm and so, like many others across the Christmas and New Year period, I have been working hard to defend against this ongoing threat,” Mr Quilty said.

“These fires - in Victoria, NSW and South Australia ­- have had a significant impact on many communities and caused much loss and heartache.

“Firefighters and rural residents have been working round the clock to defend homes and property, and my experiences over the past fortnight in the fires around Adelong have given me insights and empathy over what they have been enduring.”

Mr Quilty acknowledged the support from residents and businesses to support firefighters and those who have lost their homes or been forced to evacuate.

“Seeing the response from the public to this situation is a welcome reminder that, when somebody needs help, Australians rally round to give what they can,” Mr Quilty said.

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