18 June 2020


Tim Quilty encourages Victorians to challenge 'revenue-raising' COVID-19 fines

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has encouraged Victorians to challenge their coronavirus-related fines, labelling them “revenue-raising” and “heavy-handed”.

Victoria has issued more fines for breaching COVID-19 restrictions than any other state, with more than 6000 being issued.

And yet Victoria has suffered more cases than all other states except NSW, where infection numbers were inflated by the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

“The Northern Territory has only issued a mere 50 fines and Tasmania and the ACT haven’t issued any, yet these three states have the fewest COVID cases across the Nation,” Mr Quilty told Parliament.

“All of this suggests that COVID restrictions did not have to be heavy-handed and that COVID fines are little more than a revenue-raising measure.”

Mr Quilty said that rather than trusting in Victorians to take appropriate measures to limit the spread of the virus, Premier Daniel Andrews chose to take a more oppressive approach.

“We never needed police patrols and bombshell fines,” Mr Quilty said.

“The Andrews Government chooses police and punishment when simply asking Victorians to act safely would’ve been enough.”

Mr Quilty then urged Victorians to express their dissatisfaction at receiving these unnecessary fines.

“To anyone who has received a COVID fine, I strongly encourage you to request a review through the Fines Victoria website,” Mr Quilty said.

“These fines were unnecessary and there is a strong chance your fine will be overturned.”

Mr Quilty asked the Victorian Government to reconsider its ongoing approach.

“I call on the Police Minister to withdraw every COVID-related fine Victoria Police have issued and to apologise to Victorians for the heavy-handed approach this government took in implementing a COVID-19 response,” Mr Quilty said. 

“In future, I encourage this government to work with Victorians – not against them.”

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