2 September 2020


Tim Quilty disappointed as Andrews Government secures emergency powers extension

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty says he is deeply disappointed that the Victorian Government has been granted an extension of emergency powers.

Mr Quilty voted against legislation which he said in Parliament made every Victorian ‘a prisoner, literally and metaphorically’.

But, sadly, three members of the crossbench voted to allow the six-month extension to occur.

“Three people have given unaccountable emergency powers to the Andrews Government: Samantha Ratnam from the Greens, Fiona Patten of the Reason Party and Andy Meddick of the Animal Justice Party,” Mr Quilty said.

“Shame on them.

“They have allowed civil liberties to continue to be trampled by a government which is so incompetent that it has had to extend its emergency powers to tidy up its own mess.”

Mr Quilty said the extension of emergency powers will send waves of outrage across Victoria.

“My office received many thousands of emails expressing disgust at this legislation and urging me to vote against it,” Mr Quilty said.

“These same people will not only be as disappointed as I am, they will also be furious at the implications.

“The government has just radicalised a sizeable percentage of Victorians who were previously uninterested in politics. This will come back to bite them.

“These are people who have friends who have lost jobs, who know people sitting lonely in their homes, or who have watched children and their parents struggle with home schooling while trying to keep their job working from home.

“I had one email from a parent whose six-year-old said: ‘Mummy, I’m really sad, I feel so lonely in my head and feel like I have no one, we can't even go anywhere or see friends or nanny and pa, I'm just so sad’. And with that the child sobbed in his mother’s arms.

“This is precisely why these emergency powers are wrong.”

The legislation must still pass through the Lower House tomorrow but that will be a formality due to the Andrews Government’s large majority.

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