25 January 2021

Tim Quilty demands an end to border closure now that new COVID cases in NSW rest at zero

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty is demanding the Victorian Premier end the border closure now that there are no new local COVID-19 cases in NSW.

The Andrews Government downgraded all of NSW on its COVID map on Friday night, classifying all of regional NSW green and all of metropolitan Sydney orange.

“The border closure has never made sense, but there is now absolutely no reason for the traffic queues and the police standing for hours in the sun,” Mr Quilty said.

“Border communities are still suffering the devastating effects of the border closure for no reason whatsoever – this is Daniel Andrews playing the bully.

“The fact that the closure is still in effect demonstrates more clearly than ever that Mr Andrews is a politician not weighed down by compassion or sympathy.

“He’s allowing harm to happen to regional Victorians with not the slightest twinge of regret – he is playing to an audience in Melbourne at our expense. Again.”

Mr Quilty said the Premier needs to visit the border to see for himself what damage he has done.

“We are seeing businesses struggle to stay afloat, daily lives disrupted and emotional distress being spread everywhere along the border,” Mr Quilty said.

“And let’s not forget that when a small business is struggling, that is a family losing its income, that’s employees being laid off, that’s yet another punch in the guts for regional communities.

“I would love to see Mr Andrews open up his phone, launch a maps app and head up the Hume to see for himself what his decisions are doing to Victorians – I’ll happily buy him a box of donuts for lunch.

“At least the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, had the nerve to come to Albury – albeit briefly, after a long and notable absence – to see for herself the harm she created.

“Mr Andrews can only see as far as Craigieburn. To him, there is no Victoria beyond Melbourne.”

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