5 June 2020


Tim Quilty demands an end to Andrews Government's lockdown 'overreaction'

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has demanded Victoria be freed from the Victorian Government’s lockdown ‘overreaction’.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Mr Quilty said the Andrews Government’s reaction to the coronavirus was a ‘mistake’ and would have consequences for years to come.

“Ten weeks ago, the Victorian Government invoked their emergency powers to lock down the state and pound small businesses into the dust, to buy time and flatten the curve,” Mr Quilty recounted.

“We didn’t know what was happening then. Now we do. The death rate is around 0.25%. About the level of a bad flu year. Bad – but not bad enough.

“It is now quite clear the lockdown was a massive overreaction. A big mistake.”

Mr Quilty said the death toll attributable to the lockdown would be much greater than any projections of deaths caused by COVID-19, and criticised the ongoing threats of fines for people and businesses which do not comply with the Victorian Government’s regulations.

“The death-toll from the lockdown and the depression that follows is going to far exceed the death toll from the virus,” Mr Quilty said.

“Does the government admit a mistake was made and lift the restrictions? No – instead they are doubling down. Now, any employer who allows their employees to return to work is going to be whacked with massive fines.”

In regional Victoria, the absence of large-scale infections has seen thousands of communities suffer, and Mr Quilty believes these areas should be allowed to start rebuilding from this damage.

“If there is any argument in favour of continuing the lockdown in Melbourne – and I say there is not – there is no case for continuing to roll these things out in the regions, where there have not been any coronavirus cases for months,” Mr Quilty said

“The government needs to lift the lockdown, – protect the elderly and the vulnerable by all means, and we should now be set up to do that properly – but allow everyone else to get back to work, try to get businesses restarted, and try to put lives and the economy back together.”

Mr Quilty issued a stark demand on behalf of Victorians who are suffering under lockdown restrictions.

“I won’t blame you for the mistakes of March, but I will hold you accountable for the bad choices of June,” Mr Quilty warned the Andrews Government.

“End the lockdown now.”

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