5 August 2021

Tim Quilty condemns ‘contemptible’ snap lockdown, Victoria’s sixth

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the latest Victorian lockdown.

Mr Quilty said the seven-day statewide lockdown will do far more harm than good.

“I am furious that Premier Daniel Andrews is perfectly happy to unleash another lockdown on all of Victoria when we haven’t even finished getting out of the last one,” Mr Quilty said.

“It will cause so much destruction across the entire state.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms this attempt to spin this as the Premier fighting for Victoria when he knows damn well he is destroying it.

“We have no known cases in regional Victoria, communities from Mildura to Gippsland are already suffering enormously, and then Mr Andrews comes in to kick us all while we are down.”

Mr Quilty said the potential of a regional outbreak should be addressed if it becomes a reality.

“If we get a case in Wangaratta, let’s work with the community in Wangaratta to bring it under control,” Mr Quilty said.

“There is zero justification for locking down the whole state.”

Mr Quilty said Mr Andrews has to stop talking about NSW when he makes his announcements.

“This is not a YouTube comedy, this is not the Lockdown Olympics – these are real Victorian lives he is destroying,” Mr Quilty said.

“He can’t make his own actions look better by repeatedly saying ‘Sydney’. This is about Dan, and about Melbourne.

“I share the stress and pain of every single Victorian who is struggling to come to terms with this contemptible act. So many people are at breaking point.

“I have already spoken publicly about the people who are absolutely at the end of their tether; I will state that Mr Andrews is directly responsible for any harm which results from this lockdown.”