12 May 2020


Tim Quilty calls out Premier's 'stage managed' announcement of return to schools

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has welcomed the announcement of a return to school for Victorian students, but has called on Premier Daniel Andrews to stop ‘stage-managing’ announcements.

The Victorian Premier announced today that the youngest and oldest students – prep to grade two and years 11 and 12 – would return to school on Tuesday May 26, while years three to 10 will return on Tuesday June 9.

But while Mr Quilty – a father of two – welcomed the news, he questioned the way the Labor Government managed the announcement to ensure maximum publicity at the expense of concerned parents.

“We had all been waiting over the weekend like excited kids at Christmas, all looking forward to an important announcement on Monday about a return to school, but there was nothing,” Mr Quilty said.

“Lo and behold, the news stories and headlines were duly written yesterday, and very early this morning we get another Andrews stage show specifically about schools.

“This is a cheap stunt designed to ensure Mr Andrews spins two days of coverage out of one day’s worth of news, and I for one am very underwhelmed.

“Our children’s education is of paramount importance, and yet Mr Andrews kept us hanging on for another day before allowing us to find out when they can go back to school.

“I have to hand it to him, he sure knows how to manipulate the media and the public.”

Mr Quilty has been a consistent critic of the Andrews Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, accusing the Premier of ‘over-reach’ and using the situation to introduce draconian restrictions on personal freedoms.

“Mr Andrews has long been waging a War on the Regions, with the Northern Victoria electorate bearing many of the consequences of this Melbourne-centric campaign,” Mr Quilty said.

“While we in regional Victoria have been largely free of COVID-19 cases, we have been feeling the social and economic pain of measures which are designed to keep Melbourne cases in check.

“You can dress it up to look like you’re acting in our best interests, Mr Andrews, but regional Victorians are way smarter than you seem to think.”

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