8 April 2020

Tim Quilty wants Victorian Government to stop being so secretive about isolation goals

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty is appalled by the extent of government clampdowns on basic freedoms and is pushing for the answer to one question: just how long will this go on?

Mr Quilty has been watching the media statements, looked at the data emerging from all corners of the nation, and is concerned that the Andrews Government is making things up as it goes along with no idea of what the end game will look like.

“Every day we get to see the Premier, Daniel Andrews, tell us all how fantastic we are for being good little children and playing inside, but what I want to hear from him is this: when is it all going to end?

“Mr Andrews has rammed home his ‘simple, powerful’ message of staying home and he has painted some horrific pictures for us of a health system in crisis, but he has so far managed to avoid telling us what the end of this looks like.

“He is treating Victorians like mushrooms: keeping us in the dark and feeding us bull.”

Mr Quilty wants the Victorian Government to act more openly and transparently, and share what the Government’s end goal is.

“The economy is in tatters, people are losing their jobs everywhere you look, shops are boarded up, and many Victorians are asking if these measures are doing more harm than good,” Mr Quilty said.

“What many of us want to know is: how long are we expected to stare at the four walls of our living rooms, how long are we going to be made to feel guilty to step outside our front doors, how long are we being threatened with police action for undertaking perfectly safe socially-distanced day-to-day activities like driving lessons, fishing alone or hunting with one friend?

“I want Mr Andrews to tell us straight: what target is he aiming for? Share with us what you’re doing, Mr Andrews, tell us the plan, and help us feel like we are playing a part in the solution rather than being ordered to stay inside like so many badly behaved children.”

Mr Quilty is horrified that the punishments being threatened for breaking isolation rules are grossly excessive.

“If somebody dares to challenge their $1650 fine for leaving home to perform a so-called ‘non-essential’ activity in court, they could end up with a $20,000 fine, which is outrageous,” Mr Quilty said.

“Not only is this grossly excessive compared with other penalties, it is also patently ridiculous when we are seeing so many people losing their livelihoods because of these same restrictions.

“This is government overreach at its most appalling and I am determined to get answers from the Andrews Government: when will we feel their grip on our throats loosen?”

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