18 February 2020


Tim Quilty calls for reuse of felled memorial trees at Tintaldra to create monument

Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, is calling on the Victorian and Federal Governments to help create a new memorial from the timbers of felled commemorative trees at Tintaldra.

Two of the trees – which were planted to honour men from Tintaldra who fought in World War I - were removed as part of bushfire remediation work, as they had been deemed hazardous.

Now it has been announced that the remaining cedar trees will also be removed, Mr Quilty has suggested a positive ending to the saga.

“While it is disappointing that these trees are due to be removed and I acknowledge how the community is feeling, I understand that safety must come first,” Mr Quilty said.

“It would be a respectful gesture if the Victorian Government and the Federal Government could work together to create a permanent memorial using the timber from the trees.

“The row of seven cedars each represented men from Tintaldra who went away to war more than a century ago, and a memorial using the cedar timber would, I hope, go some way towards giving some comfort to the Tintaldra community.

“I would also like to see the replanting of the trees, perhaps from cuttings, so that the spirit of the original gesture lives on for another 100 years.

“A ceremony to mark the replanting and the unveiling of the memorial would bring the community together and it’s an event I would look forward to attending.”

Regional Roads Victoria has the capability to remove trees immediately if they are deemed hazardous.

“It is disappointing that the two trees had to be removed so quickly, as they were of particular significance, but we must not put people at risk if the trees were damaged so badly by fire that they were dangerous,” Mr Quilty said.

“I shall be asking the Roads Minister, Jaala Pulford, if the felled trees can be stored so that a memorial can be created with appropriate signage and some information about the men.”

For more information, contact Graham Springett | 0408 208819