30 June 2020


Tim Quilty calls for liberation of regional Victoria in wake of metro lockdown

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has called on Premier Daniel Andrews to be even more targeted in his coronavirus strategy and ease restrictions in regional Victoria.

Mr Quilty spoke out in the wake of the Premier’s announcement of the month-long lockdown of 10 Melbourne postcodes, after the number of cases in Victoria spiked dramatically.

“Mr Andrews has to show proper leadership and ease restrictions in regional Victoria, to reflect the fact that the spike in cases is a Melbourne issue,” Mr Quilty said.

“There are no cases in Northern Victoria, this is a metropolitan problem, so restrictions should be lifted in the regions.

“We are suffering social, mental and financial distress in regional Victoria for absolutely no reason – we have no coronavirus here so we shouldn’t have to be suffering the penalties of restrictions.”

Mr Quilty condemned the ongoing heavy-handed approach of the Victorian Government.

“It’s so disappointing to see Mr Andrews using even more draconian measures to tackle the virus where other states and territories have had great success by employing less oppressive tactics,” Mr Quilty said.

“His failure to achieve a similar level of virus control is leading to neighbouring states treating us all like the nation’s pariah.

“South Australia Premier Steven Marshall announced today that his plans to lift border restrictions by July 20 had been shelved following this spike in Victoria.

“And it’s not just our neighbours to the west who are turning their backs on us – NSW has warned Melburnians to stay away from their state until community transmission has been reduced.

“This should be a clear message to Daniel Andrews from the rest of Australia: his methods of dealing with the coronavirus are failing.”

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