12 February 2021


Tim Quilty appalled by 5-day lockdown

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has condemned the closing down of all of Victoria announced today.

Due to a COVID outbreak in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, Premier Daniel Andrews has told Victorians they must obey stage four rules from 11.59pm tonight until 11.59pm on Wednesday.

“I am struggling to find the words to describe this bloody ridiculous overreaction,” Mr Quilty said.

“If I hear Dan say Hyper-infectious again I am going to start throwing things at my TV.

“This government’s mismanagement of quarantine at the Holiday Inn has led to 13 cases, and so almost 7 million Victorians, right across the state, must now follow stage four restrictions for five days.

“I am appalled at this collective willingness to treat us all like animals – again – for the flimsiest of reasons.”

Mr Quilty said experience shows that a little finesse needs to be applied to COVID responses.

“Premier Daniel Andrews has learned absolutely nothing from his experience during the COVID crisis – he is still wielding his sledgehammer to crack any outbreaks,” Mr Quilty said.

“We have seen that contact tracing and focused lockdowns work effectively and do not cause massive damage to the rest of the population.

“This circuit-breaker of Dan’s is going to be the back-breaker – Victoria has been doing the right thing and has had enough.

“We are going to see a huge panic response from worried Victorians, we will see people rushing home, we have seen in Serviceton loss of life in a horrific road incident attributed to the rush response to COVID restrictions.

“Enough is enough, regional Victorians deserve better than being treated like caged animals because of this incessant focus on metropolitan voters – if I could make Rexit happen by 11.59 tonight, I would.”

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