25 March 2021

Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty received a warm welcome in Rutherglen when he presented his plan for creating a new regional state.

Rutherglen residents ask Tim Quilty at Rexit forum: how can we help you create new state?

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty addressed a passionate crowd in Rutherglen last night who were asking “how can we help you get this new state up and running?”

Mr Quilty was in the wine-making and tourist hotspot to host a Rexit Roadshow, part of the Victorian Upper House MP’s project to share his idea of a new regional state consisting of much of rural Victoria and southern NSW.

Following Mr Quilty’s presentation was a flow of questions, one of which asked how the community can help create the new state.

“I knew there would be some informed questions because I’ve visited Rutherglen many times and I know how passionate the community is about their town and how they are being ignored by a state government which only cares about Melbourne,” Mr Quilty said.

“This is a hard-working, proactive community who know when they’re being shortchanged, and so the prospect of a state where their voices will actually be listened to sounds attractive to them.

“My presentation highlighted how the wealth created in the regions gets sucked into Melbourne and Sydney, taking jobs and, ultimately, people with it.

“I also pointed out how COVID rules designed for Melbourne have been forced onto regional Victoria and caused so much harm.

“This wasn’t news to Rutherglen – their questions focused on what barriers exist to creating a state, such as whether I have local government support, whether I am working with anybody in NSW to promote the project, and whether I am planning to make my campaign bigger so as to gather more support.

“Nobody offered any cynicism or doubt – all I heard was enthusiasm, support and even an offer to help out with the campaign.”

Mr Quilty said he was buoyed by the support on what turned out to be a wet evening in Rutherglen.

“I am grateful to the Rutherglen community for turning out on the sort of night where it’s all too easy to just put on your slippers, hide under a blanket and watch a movie,” Mr Quilty said.

“The support we saw last night has encouraged me to keep pushing for our new state as hard as I can.

“Rexit simply has to happen if we want to save our rural towns: regional communities deserve a better deal, and I will fight all the way to make sure their voices are heard.”

Mr Quilty will continue his Rexit tour on April 8 at Tallangatta.

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