20 October 2021

Premier intent on hounding unvaccinated Victorians, says Tim Quilty

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has condemned the announcement that unvaccinated Victorians will face restrictions until well into next year.

Premier Daniel Andrews said yesterday that, unlike NSW, unvaccinated Victorians will not be permitted any extra freedoms when the state reaches the 90% double dose coverage.

Mr Quilty said the Premier seems intent on cementing his reputation as a dictator.

“When 90% of Victoria is vaccinated, the risks will be greatly reduced – if they’re not then why are we all queuing up to roll up our sleeves?” Mr Quilty said.

“So if the risks are minimised, it is just incomprehensible that the Premier will continue his campaign of persecution of the few remaining Victorians who make a choice not to get vaccinated.

“He seems to have become irrationally focused on forcing every single Victorian to be vaccinated, whether they consent to it or not.

“It’s as if his obsession with achieving zero-COVID has just been replaced with a new target, with no science or even logic behind it.

“It does, however, prove that the Victorian Government really does have a secret plan to extend emergency powers past the December 16 deadline – secret legislation to create permanent emergency pandemic powers. Because without that, the power to enforce this latest outrage will be gone. And it seems Dan will do anything to hang on to his unlimited emergency powers.”

Mr Quilty said he was surprised the Premier was pursuing such an aggressive goal with an election looming.

“Mr Andrews has carved for himself among many Victorians a reputation as an unfeeling, heartless and ruthless Premier, which can’t be ideal to take to the polls,” Mr Quilty said.

“I would have thought that, with vaccination rates climbing ever higher, Mr Andrews would’ve started to lift his boot off Victoria’s throat, and allowed more easing of restrictions well ahead of next November’s state election.

“Victorians’ tolerance for his extreme measures has been trickling away of late - even many previously keen supporters are now questioning his motives. Or his sanity.

“And voters have very long memories.”