18 November 2019


Tim Quilty lends his voice to support doomed Victorian native timber logging workers

Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, stood up in support of the thousands of timber industry workers who have been told by the Andrews Government their jobs are not important.

Mr Quilty joined other political figures outside Parliament House in Melbourne on Friday to protest plans by the Victorian Government to close down the native timber logging industry by 2030.

“More than 1600 Victorian jobs rely on logs harvested from native forests and it defies belief that the Labor Party, a political movement which was founded on supporting the workers, is happy to see hundreds of families left without a breadwinner,” Mr Quilty said.

“The timber industry can access just 0.1 per cent of forests in Victoria and it has been strangled by government regulations, and yet Daniel Andrews is content to see even that minuscule footprint snuffed out with the resultant cost of huge social and economic damage.”

Mr Quilty highlighted the total disregard for regional Victoria displayed by metropolitan decision-makers.

“It’s clear that normal people, everyday members of our regional communities, are not as important as the Government’s wish to appeal to voters with a radical green and animal activist agenda,” Mr Quilty said.

“Regional Victoria is under attack and this is the latest salvo in the Andrews war on the regions.

“I appeal to anybody who believes that ruining the futures of thousands of children growing up in Victoria is not how a government should behave – is this how we want our State to be seen?

“Do we want to be known as the State which sacrificed families for trees?”

CAPTION: Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, stands in support of the Victorian timber industry to condemn plans by the Victorian Government to close it down at the cost of thousands of jobs.

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