13 November 2019


MP for Northern Victoria expresses fears for those facing bushfire horror in NSW

Tim Quilty, Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria, has shared his concerns for residents in NSW who are enduring the horror of bushfires.

Mr Quilty, a former rural fire brigade member, said he is all too familiar with the horror of facing the loss of a home, precious personal possessions or, at worst, a loved one.

“We have all been watching the bushfire situation develop further north and hoping that the predicted forecasts of worsening conditions do not eventuate,” Mr Quilty said.

“While we have not seen similar scenes here in Victoria so far, we all know that it could quite easily happen in our beautiful Victorian wildernesses.

“This is not the time to try scoring political points against a Government, any Government, it is the time for sending our love and best wishes to all those who are in terrible situations which could quite easily be replicated here.

“Our thoughts go out to the firefighters battling through heat and exhaustion to save communities, as well as to all emergency services personnel working hard to support them.

“And we as Victorians want to express unity for our fellows in NSW.”

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