15 March 2021

Do not close borders for just one positive case in NSW, demands Border MP Tim Quilty

Liberal Democrats Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty has urged the Victorian Government not to close its borders in the wake of a COVID-positive security guard in NSW.

The quarantine hotel worker tested positive at the weekend and speculation has begun that NSW may be once again be considered a red zone.

“We cannot keep going into a frenzy of panic every single time somebody, somewhere tests positive for COVID-19, because the side-effects are far worse than the problem,” Mr Quilty said.

“We have already seen families, communities and businesses pushed to the brink and, in some instances, over the edge, all for a problem contained hundreds of kilometres away.

“COVID-19 has never really penetrated regional Victoria or regional NSW, even during the worst of the outbreaks last year, and we should have moved past these kneejerk draconian measures by this point.”

Mr Quilty said the recent extension of state of emergency powers was an extension of the Andrews Government’s ability to cause reckless destruction.

“The parliament should never have passed the stupid extension of emergency powers bill because we aren’t in a state of emergency, we are in a situation where outbreaks are predictably going to break out and we should have specific and limited measures to deal with them,” Mr Quilty said.

“Allowing one case in a different state to lead to the closure of Victoria’s borders is immature, it’s irresponsible and is the sign of a leadership which has no idea what it’s doing.

“If the Victorian Government closes the border over this it will be proof - again - they can’t be trusted with these powers. They have learned nothing. If you need a demonstration why we need Rexit, here it is.

“We should be alert, not alarmed, and we should be learning to live with this virus.

“We should focus on contact tracing and dealing locally with any outbreaks, and we should be seeing state governments working together instead of acting like idiots who take pleasure in getting one over on each other.”

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